May 1, 2015

Stay stylish this summer with these must-have fashion and beauty essentials

Psst. Do you want to know what you should be keeping in your beauty bag this summer?

We know that you don’t want to sweat beneath the thickest layer of foundations and concealers. But you still want to look totally fabulous (of course!) So what should you be using? Read on to find out!

Stay sun safe

 Safety might not be the most glamorous word when it comes to beauty – but when you’re dealing with the sun, then you really do want to be as safe as you possibly can.

Did you know that UV rays can cause premature wrinkling, sunburn and dryness, as well as increasing your risk of skin cancer? UV can also harm your eyes, too.

So you should always use an effective sunscreen when heading out in the sun – with a minimum SPF of at least 30. Be sure to reapply every few hours!

Get a natural glow

Just because you’re covered in SPF doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t get to enjoy gorgeous, glowing skin!

A great way to get the look is to use a self-tanning or bronzing lotion, which gives a luscious sun-kissed look – without spending harmful hours under the sun. At TNS we love the Xen Tan range of products, so watch out for these hitting our spas soon!

To maximise the look, make sure you’re regularly exfoliating your skin. And here’s a great pro tip from New York’s Tamar Vezerian: don’t use scrubs that contain sugar or oils, as these will stay on the surface of your skin, and prevent tanning lotions from being absorbed!

Petal power

If you’re updating your summer wardrobe and are stuck on what you should buy – go floral. But we’re not talking about whimsical floral sundresses or floor-grazing maxis.

Instead – go for the trend of the season and opt for printed shoes instead. Choose your inspiration from the runways – for a sleek but comfy off-duty look, take your cue from Givenchy with these slick and stylish floral print sneakers – perfect for pairing with your favourite jeans or t-shirt dress combo. By night, floral shoes can really amp up the glam factor – we love these Japanese cherry blossom inspired heels from Alexander McQueen, which would look fantastic with a summer-ready LWD!

Pop with colour

Perfect your pout this season, with the lightest of touches. Sticky glosses can feel pretty heavy in the heat – so we like to go for a multi-tasking tint-balm combo, that gives a delicious stained shade, with lots of hydrating moisture to keep your lips soft and lovely. We love YSL’s beautiful Rouge Volupté collection, for their summery shades.

We also love our pedis (obviously!) but summer is the perfect time to show off your favourite colours – especially when they’re paired up with fun, exciting footwear to show them off with.

So what shades should you be going for this summer? Hot on trend are juicy, bright coral and red shades – perfect to offset against neutrals and nudes, to really show them off!

Are you ready for summer? What’s your favourite pick for the season? Drop us a line and share with us!

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