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December 14, 2016


5 ways to finish of your party looks with the perfect reds, from plum pouts to berry nails!

1. Crimson kisses

Get ready for mistletoe kisses with vibrant red lips this season. Perfect your pout by mixing sugar, touch of peppermint oil and organic cold pressed coconut to scrub any dead skin off your lips. Not only will you have smooth lips but the peppermint gives lips that plump look to create a gorgeous pout – finish with a touch of lip balm to hydrate. For fool-proof application, apply a dot of foundation all over the lips, follow that with a lip liner and your favourite red. P.S picking a blue tone red is always a good idea as it makes your teeth look white and brighter – perfect for those holiday pictures!

2. Red alert

Give your holiday hue a little edge with TNS’s Xmas on 5th nail art to finish off your Christmas nails. Pick from some of our faves like Grace, Jewel or Off-shoulder. Get experimental with the shades of reds and pick from berry tones to plums or even scarlet hues but if you’re looking for long-lasting colour pick from one of the Enhance Enrich and Extend options for the perfect set of 10’s this season.

3. Red Carpet Ready

Dare to be different with a whole new look for the new year. Give your gorgeous locks a vibrant colour courtesy of experts at Marquee. Add a touch of a red hue for that bombshell look – take inspiration from celebrities like Emma Stone with pieces highlighted to frame the face or take a cue from Julianne Moore who gives this look a timeless and chic finish or opt for a warm rose like Isla Fisher for a subtler laid back version of red. If you want something temporary, ask one of our style experts about wash off hair colour or better yet, a set of Balmain extensions that are sure to nail the look.

4. Red Eye

Get into the fast lane of make-up with this season’s hottest look – the burgundy smoky eye. With celebrities like Kylie Jenner causing chaos with sold out palettes that create the most perfect new season eyeshadow style. From A-listers to social influencers, everyone’s under the spell of dusted red shadow on the lids, and metallic maroon hues to define the eyes. Copy Gigi Hadid’s burgundy style to really nail the look for the holidays or head on over to YouTube for one of many amazing tutorial options that work for your social events this merry season.

5. Rosy cheeks

If rusty reds are a little too daunting for eye make-up, try a flushed winter look with rosy cheeks. Pick a hue that compliments your lipstick, so if you’re wearing pink lips, then opt for a rosy red shade of blush and if your lipstick is a berry tone, pick a plum or deep rose hue but make sure you apply the blush sparingly as you may run the risk of clown cheeks! If the colour is pigmented use a fluffy or a duo fibre stippling brush to apply the blush to your cheeks. For a more slimming effect, perfect for party pictures this festive season, try the draping technique. Labelled as the new contouring, draping is when you use blush to contour your face and create a sculpted glow.