Beyond Beauty

Because caring is at the heart of elegance

Are we all about smooth, shiny nails and curvaceous brows? No. Because there’s more to life than being pretty and pampered. Peel back our outer layer and you’ll find a bunch of super caring people who give a damn. We care about our team, our community, our planet – and about you.

Because caring is at the heart of elegance

Like you, we’re all about beauty – in every sense of the word. When we contribute to society, to the environment, to the happiness of our team, it simply makes the world a more beautiful place to be in. And that’s when we know we’re doing a good job. Which is why…
  • Our beauticians get top notch boot camp beauty training and scholarship opportunities for their kids
  • We get stuck in with local charity fundraising
    campaigns and community events
  • We always source environmentally-friendly
    products whenever possible
  • In each spa we have a dedicated eco-warrior keeping an
    eye on our water usage, encouraging re-cycling and
    switching off lights

Don’t want to take our word for it? Good. We wouldn’t want you to either.
So why not trust our certification in the toughest standards for corporate social caring in the UAE – The Dubai Chamber CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Label.

In 2011 we were the first beauty services company certified with the CSR Label. And we’re proud to be one of the few co mpanies in Dubai to retain it for three consecutive years.

And this isn’t an easily-earned award! It takes a super detailed strenuous audit of all our internal policies, programmes and initiatives; including employee satisfaction, environmental impact, community and social efforts.

TNS Awarded CSR Label Third Year Running

We’re super proud to be one of the few companies in Dubai awarded the CSR Label for three years running!

TNS Supports Children of Employees with HOPE Programme

Our staff members are family to us.
And so are their children.

We’ve developed an ongoing HOPE program (Hope and Opportunity for Proper Education) for employees’ children; sponsoring their education. Because we know when we take care of our employees, they take care of the business… and of you.

TNS Introduces Green Ring to Save Water

You may have wondered what the green ring in your pedi bowl is. Well it’s not just to add a splash of colour to the water. In fact, they help us save water.

We introduced these innovative rings to ensure that we fill the water to the optimum level for a fabulous service, but to also make sure that we don’t waste any water.

TNS Introduces Paperless Day to Save Trees

We believe every little helps. And to help save our trees in our own special way, every last Thursday at TNS HQ we switch off all the printers to help us save paper. Even the littlest thing can make a difference.

TNS Sponsors Children in the Philippines & India

We celebrate the diversity and cultures of all our employees. And to show they’re part of our family, we extend our values of social responsibility and family to their countries too.

TNS has begun sponsoring 6 children in the Philippines and India through World Vision. Giving them the financial aid they need for the basics of life – water, food and healthcare – which we are all blessed with back home.

When these children send their letters and photos to us, it’s a beautiful moment for all out spa staff to share.