Your Journey


Well you should be! It’s going to be something truly special, we promise. And to help make it as smooth, effortless and stress-free as possible, let us walk you through all the steps in advance;

Your Beaut-inerary

Step One : Best To Book!

We do accept walk-ins, but we have to be fair – first to book, first to serve. So we really do recommend you book in advance to get your preferred time slot.

You can use our online Quick Click Booking system to book in a flash, over the internet or even on your smart phone, or just call our friendly dedicated call centre booking team, who are ready and waiting to answer your questions and book you in.

Worried you’ll forget your appointment? Well stop, because we’ll send you a little reminder with an SMS and a call before the appointment. So just book up and put your pretty feet up. We’ll do the rest.

Step One : Best To Book!

Step Two : Make An Entrance

Early birds get a little extra time to plan their treatments with us, and it’s worth it! There’s no need to rush, take your time, but we recommend gliding in 10 minutes before your appointment starts.

Our front desk team will greet you with a smile and introduce you to your dedicated beauty therapist for the day.

Because you’re unique, and there’s
no one-size-fits-all
treatment in a
TNS spa!

Step Three : Pre-Beauty Prep

Getting your nails done? Now for the fun part, it’s time to pick your colour! Just keep your head as you browse our dizzying array of over 160 Essie colours, plus the stunning range of gel colours from Essie and Bio Sculpture.

Going for a facial, massage, waxing or tinting? Well we want the treatment to fit you like a velvet glove. So we’ll kindly ask you to fill out a series of questions while you wait, to make extra sure the treatment is suitable for you, and to learn all your detailed preferences.

Step Four : Lean Back. Relax. And Enjoy…

It’s time to breathe deeply, soak in the relaxing music and fragrances, and just enjoy your treatment. Your highly skilled beauty therapist will take care of you from here on in. For nail treatments you’ll experience our special mani-pedi chairs especially designed for maximum comfort.

And a blissful relaxing ambiance is so important, don’t you think? We create this in all our spas with carefully selected music and subtle, wonderful fragrances.

And for all you stylish fashionistas, you can watch Fashion TV and drift away into a lovely fashion haze while your treatment goes on.

With waxing, facials and massages, you’ll enjoy our especially atmospheric treatment rooms with dimmed lighting and dreamy mood music for a very special deep relaxation. Prepare to drift into a deep beauty sleep and emerge a new woman.

Step Four : Lean Back. Relax. And Enjoy…

Step Five : Your ‘No Smudge’ Mobile Receptionist

Don’t you just hate getting little smudges on fresh nail polish, from digging around in your bag and purse? Well let’s say goodbye to that.

Here’s a very special TNS touch – if you’re having nail treatment our mobile receptionists will be on hand to help you pay before the nail polish is applied. We know, nifty idea, isn’t it! And of course, every lady may pay at reception when she leaves, if she prefers.

Who says
beauty can’t be tough too?

Step Six : Your Drying Station Awaits

Your fresh beautiful new nails must be protected, we can’t let our hard work go to waste now, can we?

To get them in tip top condition and avoid all smudges and chips, your therapist will escort you to the drying station before you leave the spa, and we recommend taking ten minutes to dry them properly. You’ll help avoid any post-spa mishaps and smudges, and improve durability to fend off chips.

Step Seven : Tailoring Your Beauty Regime

True beauty evolves over time, and we recommend you make your next appointment before you go home, with helpful advice from our therapists on exactly what treatments are ideal for you.

The way we see it, all our clients are long-term friends who visit often. We hope you will too!

Step Eight : How Did It Go?

Tell us, we’re dying to know. As a last step, we’ll send you an SMS with our feedback email so you can easily tell us how your TNS experience went.

Day by day, we try to improve. And it’s out of your feedback that ideas like the mobile receptionists and drying stations were born. Plus a million other tiny refinements to all areas of our service. Your views are so so important to us, and we take every comment to heart.

It all helps us
to help you…
just be