Beauty Base

The passion behind our (slightly obsessive) perfectionism all starts here – The Beauty Base.

The heart and soul of our beauty service keeping 20,000 lovely ladies of the UAE happy and positively shining with radiant health and gorgeousness. Week after week, month after month.

Your crack beauty support team

A head office team works tirelessly, 52 weeks a year, to support all our services across all our spas. Making sure the TNS beauty machine runs as smoothly and neatly as a perfect pedicure.

Picking the team, to run like a dream

Our HR department is super-picky with the talent we recruit, and even fussier about how new team members are trained and cared for. This includes accommodation, learning and development programmes, staff engagement initiatives and activities.

And of course our HR team care about the overall happiness of our team, which we hope carries across to the beauty service you enjoy.

The finances behind beauty finesse

Our head office finance department tirelessly reconciles the flow of money in and out of the company.

Spreading the TNS word

Spreading the TNS word

We try so hard to give you the sparkling best in beauty, with only the world’s finest products and treatments, and special promotions to help. We’d hate for you to miss out!

Our magical marketing people make sure you’re always in the know. Keeping our clients engaged with social media, website content, blog content, and attracting lucky new clients with PR and advertising. The marketing team constantly works to create fabulous promotions for you to enjoy, and keeps our existing 20,000 lovely clients happy with tantalising loyalty and membership programmes.

Making sure you’re happy

We’re obsessed with refining and improving every little service and process, daily.

For that, we need your help!

Our customer feedback team looks carefully into every single comment from our clients, so next time we ask you a few questions you know we take them seriously. And thank you in advance!
Side by side with the feedback team we have the TNS quality monitoring team. These guys analyse each spa continuously, making sure it’s always the very finest we can offer, without dropping in quality. Ever (yes, we’re that demanding of ourselves).

Making sure you’re happy

The nuts and bolts

And of course, even beauty needs a rock-solid maintenance team, making sure every item and piece of equipment in our spas is always in tip-top working order.