May 17, 2016

Planning the perfect vacay?

Whether you’re away for the weekend or flying to some fabulous destination – we’ve got some cool travel tricks and tips to take your holiday to the next level!

Silky Smooth Skin

Before you jet off – there are a few basics you need to get sorted. If you’re heading to a beachy destination make sure your first stop is flawless silky smooth skin! Cirepil ‘Happy Wax’ at TNS is a stripless wax, ideal for sensitive areas such as the dreaded bikini line and underarms! With no strips, no hot sticky wax and an exclusive ‘anti breakage’ application method, the wonderfully hygienic Cirépil wax delivers a lot less ouch and reduced regrowth.  Cirépil, which comes in beautiful, vibrant colours, is applied at a luke-warm temperature and gently peeled away from the skin.

Because Cirépil is a stripless wax, when it is removed, instead of bracing yourself for the “yank”, you will be pleasantly surprised!  The application process is also much more pleasurable and involves a layer of sumptuous Cirépil Jasmin oil which is applied to protect the skin and reduce post-waxing redness or sensitivity.  Unlike traditional methods of waxing, Cirépil has a smooth creamy texture containing coconut oils with moisturizing properties, never leaving a sticky residue because the wax sticks to the hair rather than the skin for gentle and efficient removal. This reduces the pain of waxing by 50% as Cirépil wax encapsulates the hair, removing it directly from the root, which means the skin is left undamaged.

And, because the integrity of the skin is uncompromised, there is reduced inflammation and redness making painful waxing a thing of the past! The wax contains Cicascepticalm which has sensitivity reducing, anti-irritation, anti-bacterial and soothing properties. The elastic properties in the wax that cling to the hairs also means there is no breakage, meaning reduced ingrown hairs and longer lasting results for 4-6 weeks! To book your happy waxing experience take a look at our So Smooth menu.

No Chips Please

Secondly, keep your nails intact for longer with gel instead of your usual polish. Bio-Sculpture is the perfect Colour Gel for your summer travels as all the colours come with a matching polish – so you can opt for gel on your tips and polish on your toes. And, as your nails will tend to grow faster with all the exposure to vitamin D you can touch up the regrowth line with the matching polish to avoid a ghastly gap, keeping your manicure looking good as new until the end of your holiday!

Feel Your Bikini Best

For the final prep for your vacay – go the extra mile in ensuring you feel your best on the beach with the Shrinking Violet Wrap and drop up to a dress size in just 90 minutes! Targeting your upper arms, stomach, hips, buttocks, the active ingredient Phospholipid penetrates the skin in seconds and the heat generated from the Wrap forces the oil into the skin where the Phospholipid is attracted to the fat cells, breaking down the fatty acids which are expelled from the body via the lymphatic drainage. Simply think of a fat cell as a grape before the treatment and a raisin right after. It really works! Your TNS massage therapist will even take your measurements before and after your treatment so you can see real results, so all you have to worry about is not feeling the guilt when indulging a little on holiday!

Beauty On The Go

We know that it’s hard to find a place like TNS when you’re out of town so here’s how you can take a little piece of us to help you look fab even when we’re not around! First things first – HYDRATE! It’s so important whether you’re on board or roaming the chic streets of an exotic destination so make sure you get yourself the BKR bottles that are too cute and fit into just any bag! We also absolutely can’t do without the No Mo-stache Portable Hair Removal Kit so you can wax your upper lip on the go!! But, our new fav mini is the limited edition Foreo Luna Play. The waterproof cleansing device has sonic pulsations that gentle cleanses and exfoliates your face and for the first time the best seller is available in a travel size version. What more, this month the Foreo Play is included in the Foreo Summer Essentials, a travel kit that is perfectly lightweight to squeeze into your carry on and contains a complimentary day and night cleanser. All these must-have minis are perfect for the girl on the go and saves you tons of space for those extra shoes you wanted to pack!

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