November 3, 2014

Body Beautiful Bride – The Slenderiser Massage Package

Make a slender, wonderful sight. On your big day in the spotlight.We want you to be the most beautiful you can be on your wedding day. And The Slenderiser massage is so effective it can even help you drop a dress size!The relaxing, cleansing lymphatic drainage massage stimulates tissue regeneration, eliminates toxins and visibly reduces the appearance of cellulite with a choice of three hand blended Heaven oils.For ravishing results we recommend you start 4-5 weeks before the big day, enjoying two massages a week:Week 1: Fix it + Mould it massage
Week 2: Mould It + Mould It massage
Week 3: Mould It + Shape It massage
Week 4: Shape It + Shape It massageSpecial Package Price: 992 Dhs (20% saving)

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