June 16, 2015

No More Rabbit Food – Delicious Salads That Will Have You Drooling!

Everyone knows that fresh vegetables and salads are supposed to be really good for you – but if the thought of spending all day eating bland, tasteless rabbit food makes your stomach turn, we’re totally with you.

After all, who wants to call a limp piece of lettuce and a sad tomato slice or two a meal?

But here’s some good news. Salads don’t have to be that way.

At all.

In fact – they can be vibrant, flavour packed meals full of delicious raw vegetables. Be warned though – these salads are so good that they might just have you switch off your cooker for good.

 Italian Inspiration – Courgetti Spaghetti!

Courgette might not be your go-to veggie when it comes to making a salad – but just bear with us here for a second.

With the aid of a handy vegetable peeler, mandolin slicer or if you’re feeling swish – a spiralizer – you can transform that dull looking vegetable into a mountain of fantastically twirly strands – aka “courgetti”!

You can even try out other vegetables to turn them into noodle-like strands – transform carrots into gorgeous orange ribbons, or beetroots into vivid purple twirls. It’s also a really fun and creative way of getting fussy eaters to add veggies onto their plate.

Toss your “noodles” liberally with virgin olive oil, pesto and a grating of Parmesan cheese – and you’ve got the most morish Italian-infused meal that’s ready in minutes.

 Rainbow Salad

Brighten up your plate with a rainbow of colour as well as tastes.

How? Let your eyes lead you on your next shopping trip! Pick out a selection of vibrant coloured fruits and vegetables – juicy yellow pineapple chunks, stunning ruby tomatoes, funky green spinach leaves… the list is endless!

Chop them up finely and mix them together to top off with a simple dressing made of liberal glugs of olive oil, crunchy seeds and fresh herbs. Instant flavour – and it’ll look amazing too.

Eating colourful veggies don’t just look pretty on your Instagram feed – they’re also really good for you!

The minerals that give blueberries their vibrant blueness, make chillies so vividly red and give leafy greens that amazing greenness are also essential nutrients that’ll boost your energy, immune system and well-being too. Have a read of this fascinating article to find out more!

Pomegranate-Studded Cous Cous Salad

Loving the veggies but looking for something a little more substantial?

Easy. Add a simple and wholesome grain to the mix for a really satisfying meal that’s full of goodness.

It’s not for nothing that pomegranates are one of the most beloved fruits in the Middle East – each tiny jewel-like fruit is packed with antioxidants, minerals and nutrients that make them one of the most amazing superfoods around.

And for a really easy and delicious salad, mix them up with a fluffy bowl full of wholegrain couscous (cooked however you like!) and tossed with tiny cherry tomatoes, chopped cucumber, fresh green herbs, cubes of feta cheese – and for a little extra crunch – chopped cashew nuts.

Beautiful, blissful and delicious – and it’ll leave you glowing too!

Love the sound of these fresh tasting salads? Then you might like to check out some other healthy recipe options from Secret Squirrel.

Have any favourite recipes of your own? Share them with us – we’d love to hear your inspiring ideas!

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