February 1, 2016

Key Ingredients for A-List Skin

Keep up with the A-listers with some of the best celebrity tips, tricks and styles to steal…

Road to Radiance
Ever wonder how the 90’s supermodel Cindy Crawford still has youthful radiant skin? It might be the bizarre beauty secret she’s been swearing by for years. We have it in our lattes and cereal, but she spritzes milk all over her skin to keep it moisturized and hydrated. Milk is known to be full of protein, minerals and calcium – which are undoubtedly essential for skin. Mix it up water and organic whole milk and keep on spraying throughout the day to help renew and rejuvenate your face. Alternatively, you could keep things simple and try our new Absolute Radiance facial. A 30-minute express treatment with certified organic products from Parisian Skincare Absolution. The facial is done in the comfort of the TNS pedicure chair while you enjoy your favourite mani-pedi treatments. First skin is gently cleansed with Foreo Luna skincare device to gently massage the face, stimulate it with blood flow and lightly exfoliating it so as to help absorb the Absolution products. The low frequency of the gadget in combination with Absolution products tighten skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles so you’re left with younger, fresher looking skin in just half an hour.

High Way to Hydration
Hydrate with the runway inspired water bottle that’s a staple at Fashion Week and loved by A-listers the world over! Carried by the likes of Jenna Dawyn Tatum, Elle MacPherson, Miley Cyrus, Alessandro Ambrossio and Naomi Watts to name a few, this luminous beauty essential will motivate you to drink 10x more water and love it (like its cake).

Let’s face it, no product you’re using is going to work if you’re dehydrated and bkr® is the solution to staying truly hydrated, helping to create the foundation for a gorgeous complexion so your skincare and makeup can do their work. “One is enough” said no one ever. One at work, one in your handbag and one for the gym and so, that’s why they’re available in two different sizes and 5 gorgeous colours! The 500ml is the original gangster and whilst the little 250ml bkr fits perfectly in your handbag and they are now available at all our spas!

Slick Back Sleek
Kim Kardashian West has some seriously strange beauty habits which we don’t always condone – like sleeping with her makeup on, but she recently posted how to get sleek, healthy hair on her blog and we think her method definitely has meaning. Her secret to a glossy mane? She only shampoos twice a week which prevents her colour stressed hair from drying out (remember when she went from blonde, to platinum to dark). She also admits to using hydrating at-home masks so they don’t strip of its natural oils but instead nourish it so you’re left with a shiny mane. One of Kim’s favourites that she swears by is Olaplex. She even sleeps with the No 3 formula overnight to repair and strengthen her hair. Get the take home No.3 treatment at Marquee for the in salon treatment which uses the other No 1 and No 2 formulas to boost and fortify hair or take home the No 3 just like Kim K.

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