February 6, 2015

Step Four : Lean Back. Relax. And Enjoy…

It’s time to breathe deeply, soak in the relaxing music and fragrances, and just enjoy your treatment. Your highly skilled beauty therapist will take care of you from here on in. For nail treatments you’ll experience our special mani-pedi chairs especially designed for maximum comfort.

And a blissful relaxing ambiance is so important, don’t you think? We create this in all our spas with carefully selected music and subtle, wonderful fragrances.

And for all you stylish fashionistas, you can watch Fashion TV and drift away into a lovely fashion haze while your treatment goes on.

With waxing, facials and massages, you’ll enjoy our especially atmospheric treatment rooms with dimmed lighting and dreamy mood music for a very special deep relaxation. Prepare to drift into a deep beauty sleep and emerge a new woman.

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