August 23, 2015

Holding Your Life’s Treasures – in the Palm of Your Hands!

Hands are such important parts of our lives – but it’s so easy to overlook the special role they play.

Sure, they help us to do all the essential and important everyday tasks – they carry things, write on keyboards, tap away messages, swipe a screen, or pick up a juicy piece of watermelon when we’re feeling hungry.

But they’re also a doorway that goes straight to our hearts and memories.

We were inspired by the intriguing educator, Alice Schwartz, talking about the special role of hands in her talk with New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art. Have a listen to discover the fascinating role that hands play throughout art.

So what really makes your hands so special? Read on to discover how many of your life’s secrets are contained in your hands!

Holding on to memories

The memory of a caressing hand from someone you love… the tight, secret squeeze of confidence your parents gave you before an important exam…  tentatively reaching out to hold hands with someone on a first date…

Our hands hold an incredible amount of special memories from our lives, and communicate more than we might ever do in words. When you can comfort, reassure and express your love with just the touch of your hand, it’s only fair that we return the favour and take good care of them!

Beautiful hands for the perfect canvas

Beautifully manicured hands can do a lot more than add a pop of colour to your outfit – although we do love to express ourselves with vibrant, fabulous graphic nail art and patterns!

A well-presented hand is the perfect canvas to show off your favourite jewellery or decoration – from bold, chunky cocktail rings full of precious jewels, delicate stacked rings, to intricate henna art.

No matter how plain or sombre the rest of your outfit, an adorned hand instantly adds elegance and sophistication to your persona.

Unspoken language

Do you love to talk with your hands? We definitely do – if only to show off a fab new manicure with a subtle wave of the fingers!

Whether you’re pointing out something special, beckoning someone over, making a prayer or calming down a busy room of people, our hands play an essential role in how we communicate with each other. In fact they’re such an integral part of our communication that even though you might not realise it –you’re probably still making hand gestures when you’re talking on the phone, or writing an email!

So it goes without saying that how our hands look say a huge amount about us too. Messy, chipped or bitten down nails? Definitely not the message you want to put out when you’re a glamorous, well put together lady.

Why not treat your hands to a little extra tender loving care with a special pamper designed just for them? Enjoy a special hand “facial” – created to rejuvenate and restore tired looking hands – followed by a bright new manicure to give them a new lease of life!

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