July 6, 2016

Get Eid Ready

7 ways to get your beauty look ready for Eid!

Doll up your digits

Nothing is better than giving your nails a breather during Ramadan. Not applying polish for a month gives your nails the detox you need but when it comes to Eid it’s time to freshen up those cuticles by making sure you give your tips and toes the special treatment with one of TNS’s amazing Therapeutic Treats. For your top 10’s, get Eid inspired nail art at artbar at the Jumeirah Road branch – we recommend playing around with some of their jewel stones for that extra special finish to match your outfit!

nail tips

Get the Glow

Before any big event – it’s important to make sure you look flawless! With less water intake during Ramadan, it’s possible that your skin is starting to look a tad bit dull and tired – bring back the glow with the ultimate rejuvenation and refresher with one of TNS’s Fabulous Facials. Does Ramadan have you eating a little unhealthy? Whether you’re trying to drop a couple of inches before the big event or just trying to shed those recently added inches – try the Shrinking Violet Wrap. A 90 minute lipolysis treatment that detoxifies you and makes you look a whole lot slimmer!

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Marquee is just the place for all your hair needs this Eid. Go all out with a fabulous treatment to nourish and repair your hair with one of the many Kevin Murphy Treatments or get a Shine Bath to give you gorgeous glossy locks, finish with some of their classic blow out styles or get an up do for the special occasion. Quick tip – once you get home and you find that your fly-aways have resurfaced – use an old toothbrush and spray it with hairspray to comb down the baby hairs.



What’s great about makeup for Eid is that there are no real trends; you can be as natural or as dramatic as you like but with keeping just a few things in mind. Make sure you perfect your Enchanting Eyes & Brilliant Brows at TNS so you don’t have to worry about any brow smudging or worry about the frustrating task of applying false strip lashes. Next, choose a long lasting foundation or a waterproof formula which doesn’t run if you’re sweating from all the running around. Make translucent powder your best friend – it’ll prolong your makeup by keeping it in place and giving it that filter finish in IRL and finally use a finishing makeup mist to lock it all in.

makeup & main

Bright smile

With Eid being one of those big family and friend occasions, there are bound to be tons of pictures, snaps and videos – make sure your smile is on point with a quick teeth whitening session. If you’re not up for professional whitening, then opt for a DIY mix. Squeeze lime, a pinch of salt, ¼ teaspoon of baking soda and mix it all in. Apply the mix to your toothbrush and brush your teeth, you’ll instantly notice brighter whiter teeth! Another neat trick is to wear a blue toned lipstick to really bring out the white in your teeth and eyes. We recommend a blue toned pink or a blue toned red.

bright smile

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