April 19, 2016

4 ways you can zen this week

It’s insane how quickly our lives fall into a pattern of being constantly busy and stressed out all the time but fear not, we’ve got 4 excellent ways to decompress even the worst nail-biters and coffee-lovers.

Sleep Easy

Okay so it may sound as simple as a taking few deep breathes but literally that’s what it is! If you can’t go to yoga class, that’s alright – here’s how you can ‘nama’-stay in bed. A genius form of breathing that wellness experts and yoga gurus swear by – the 4-7-8 breathing technique. If you do this right before bed – there’s a very high-chance instead of taking an hour to fall asleep you’ll be dozing off in mere minutes! Here’s how it works, you breathe in through your nose for four seconds, hold your breather for another seven seconds and finally you exhale for eight seconds – this has some sort of effect on the brain and slows down the heart rate which in turn puts you right to sleep!

But of Course – Massage

The back and neck massage at TNS just got better! The newest twist to the in-chair favourite has got a serious beauty boost with the ultimate relaxing combination of essential oils and colour therapy.  Say goodbye to stressed feelings and emotions by picking from a range of relaxing colours and soothing scents that depend on your desired temperament. Choose from royal purple to pink, turquoise and orange, whatever your mood and discover it’s meaning and just let the expert masseuse at TNS help you unwind with In-Chair Colour Therapy Massage while you get your must-have mani-pedi in no extra time!

Bathing Beauty

There’s nothing better than a warm relaxing bath just before bed. Just the thought of it is relaxing our minds! One of the biggest benefits of a soothing bath before bed is that it calms you down and gets you ready to easily drift into deep sleep. Too maximize your bathing benefits, drizzle your bath with some Epsom salts that can be found in your grocery isles. Epsom salts helps to relieve stress and sore muscles. Take a step further by buying yourself some lavender and/or chamomile infused bath bombs or bubble bath to really indulge. Not only will you calm your skin but you’ll also leave your skin feeling feeling soft and supple. You can thank us later for the sweet dreams!

Sound of Music

Music seems to put anyone in a good mood, and studies have show that this correlates with reducing stress too. However, instead of listening to top 40 charts, delve into relaxing genres of music to ease your mind. Listening to deep house is one way to go about it, but some people prefer listening to guided meditation to try and fall asleep, YouTube is definitely got some fab ones!  Or better yet invest in some ambient sound podcasts to help de-stress. You’d be surprised how the background music helps you relax and better yet fall asleep within a blink of an eye, literally!

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