December 15, 2015

Five Ways to Get Party Ready

With party season well underway, we’ve got 5 easy ways for you to keep up with the festivities.

Knock-out Nails

Get in the swing of the holiday season with our festive nail art collection ‘Xmas on 5th’. Pick from a range of specially curated designs to top off your talons and deck nails with layers of sparkle in the season’s prettiest, festive shades from Santa reds, snowy whites and sky greys. If you’re a polish junkie then try Essie’s new Cashmere Matt Collection. The cosy matt look polishes nails are hugely popular and although it’s hard to pick our favourite, we know you’ll definitely love ‘Coat Couture’ and ‘Just Stitched’ just as much as we do.

xmas nail tips


Lush Lashes

This has to be our favourite and quickest way to get glam! Let’s Go Lashes are semi-permanent lashes which can be applied in 20 minutes and add the lash drama that is perfect for party season. What’s great is that they can last up to two weeks which means there is no fuss with applying and removing regular falsies or waking up with panda eyes. Get the customised lashes look you want with three style options. For a natural finish we recommend individual lashes but if you’re looking for more drama try the cluster or strip lashes for a volumised, full look. Want lashes for one night only? We can save you the finger fumbling and apply our quick and easy strip lashes in just 10 minutes!



Get Skinny

Festive season calls for lots of devilish party food and drinks that can definitely take a toll on your waistline – but worry not, we’ve got you covered. TNS now offers the Shrinking Violet Wrap – a 90-minute treatment that helps you drop inches with results seen in just one treatment. It uses the method of lipolysis, which breaks down stored fat and shrinks it, think of a grape and raisin – that’s exactly what happens to the fat cells. What’s great is that it continues working for a further 72 hours so you end up losing more inches and fit right back into your party outfits and pre-festive jeans without a worry!



Hair Care

To look your best season, you’ll be putting your hair through a lot of styling, blow-drying and other heat damage – here’s how to make sure take care of your tresses. At your next blowdry appointment, ask for a hair conditioning cocktail treatment, or better yet opt for the Kevin Murphy Treat. Me range at Marquee. It’s like skincare for the hair. Choose between Strength and Moisture treatments which act like a serum for hair – deeply nourishing the hair from it’s cortex so you’re left the salon with stronger lustrous hair.




Merry Make-Up

We’ve figured a quick and easy make-up look to get you out the door and to the parties in five minutes. Make sure skin is moisturized, follow with a primer. Use foundation next to even out skintone, dab on concealer to hide any traces of late nights, dust on finishing powder all over and chisel your cheekbones to add a bit of contour. Apply a shimmery blush for a sparkly finish and keep eye make-up simple and clean with a classic wing so you can play up the lip. Go for the on-trend matte lip look, we recommend a crimson red or a berry shade for a seasonal look. Line your lips for definition, then apply two coats of the liquid lipstick to finish with a statement making pout. Here are some of our faves left to right, Chanel La Malicieuse, Charlotte Tilbury Night Crimson and Tom Ford Cherry Lush.

2 k.i.s.s.i.n.g-lipstick_night-crimson3

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