December 1, 2015

Fall skincare update!

With temperatures cooling as we approach Dubai winter, you might have noticed a change in your skin – we’ve got four easy ways for you to update your skincare routine for the changing season!

Switch up the moisturizer

The cooler climate may make your skin drier which is why you might find that your skin is a bit parched and flaky. The lighter lotions used in the summer aren’t as effective, and so you need to switch to a more hydrating formula. Replace lotions for creams because they are thicker in consistency and work well to keep skin moisturised for longer. Get a product with Vitamin E or Green Tea as both ingredients have antioxidants to protect you from free radicals and allows for skin to repair speedily. We recommend the Le Crème Du Jour from Absolution, it has Green Tea, Cucumber Extract, Hyaluronic Acid and Aloe Vera to effectively revitalize your skin.


There’s nothing more we hate than dry winter skin. Want a more effective way to get rid of cold weather cracks and keep skin hydrated? Try using a face or body scrub that is oil-based. Find or make a body scrub that is part granulated to exfoliate dead skin, and the other half that is whipped with hydrating ingredients to moisturise skin even after the shower. If you’re dealing with excessively dry skin –top it up with a heavier moisturiser or body butter to really deep condition. If you find a face scrub too harsh on your skin, try using a gentle pulsating and exfoliating device like Foreo with your favourite gentle face wash to do the dirty work. The gadget works double time to remove any excess dead skin off your face giving it youthful, clean and flake-free glow.

Keep up the SPF

With cold weather blowing in, we’re getting little bit less of sunshine everyday but that doesn’t mean you can skip the sunscreen. We’ve learned that winter skin is more sensitive to the sun, mostly because tanned skin in the summer produces more melanin which is reduced in winter. This basically means that your own skin isn’t protecting you from UV rays and is more sensitive to it. Keep to a minimum of SPF30 and don’t forget to apply an SPF lip balm to protect your pout too!

Make masks your best friend

Masks are the best and quickest fix for dry, dehydrated cold weather skin. Between windy weather outside, the A/C and heaters indoors – your hair and skin are quenching for hydration. Invest in a 10-minute face mask to hydrate your skin, we recommend the paraben and sulfate free Glamglow Thirstymud, it really gives you soft, silky and supple skin. Keep your hair in check by using a hair mask everytime you wash your hair to nourish it. Try using leave-in products that aren’t to heavy for your hair or a serum. You could also DIY with coconut oil. Coconut oil is amazing for hair, it really gets into your hair and scalp and when it’s washed out you’re sure to have soft and lush hair. To apply, try heating it up and wrap your head with a hot towel to really let it sink in. For the face, mix in organic coconut oil with honey and mashed avocado flesh. Apply all over the face and leave on for 15 minutes before washing it off – it’s a super hydrating mask that it guarantee to give you the perfect dewy winter glow.

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