January 26, 2016

Fake a glow this winter

Is your winter skin dull and dreary? Here are a few tips and tricks to bring back the glow.

Ace of Base
Getting your skin to glow everyday can be a real task, especially during winters. The temperature drop causes skin to dry out and often flake, with worse cases leading to eczema even. It comes as common knowledge to up your moisturising routine. We recommend investing in more than just your average moisturizer, try Heaven’s bestselling SOS Oil Serum. Infused with Organic Carrot Oil, Grapeseed, Vitamins E, A and Olive Oil. The serum promises to heal all skin problems, help with anti-ageing and repair damaged skin. Use it on its own after you’ve cleansed your face or mix in a few drops with your favourite moisturiser for some heavy duty hydration.

Scrub a dub-dub
One of the best ways to get your glow on is to scrub off any dead skin you have on your face. For soft, supple and seriously clean skin – make sure to exfoliate at least twice a week. Try using a gadget like Foreo, it’s a new age facial cleanser that pulsates and deeply cleanses the face – use it with your favourite face wash to see results. If your skin is dire need of rejuvenation and needs that extra hand in getting rid of pigments, blemish and dark spots – try using a product like Dr. Dennis Gross two step Alpha Beta Peel – these daily anti-ageing pre-soaked pads allow for skin’s natural cell renewal so what you’re left with is a flawless complexion.

Eyes, eyes baby
Dull, puffy and dark eyes can make you look dull and dreary, revitalize and rejuvenate your pretty peepers with one product. Finding the right eye cream has never been easier – all natural and paraben and fragrance free Absolution Eye Contour is the ultimate eye contour boost. The organic eye serum is infused with amazing ingredients like blue lotus stem cells that smooth and tighten skin. The formula also includes caffeine and green coffee extract complex that combats puffy eyes – all in all it’s packed with firming, brightening and regenerating ingredients that make you look well-rested and bright-eyed.

Slim chance
Looking after your skin isn’t the only way to get a glow. A body detox can also bring out the luminosity. The Shrinking Violet Wrap at selected TNS branches is a revolutionary body wrap treatment that is formulated using active ingredient Phospholipid to penetrate the middle layer of skin which helps circulate and drain fluids – in turn cleansing the body of fatty acids and help drop inches in just a mere 90 minutes. The process starts with dry brushing to start blood circulation and stimulate the lymphatic system, then once the elixir is applied all over the body – you’re wrapped in spa film and placed with a warm heated blanket. Formally known as Lipolysis, this treatment helps excrete fat from the body’s lymphatic drainage system and continues to work for 72 hours after the treatment. Get yourself a kick-start this year with this must-try treatment and drop up to a dress size after just one treatment!


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