June 4, 2015

Colour Your Life in Style – 4 Beauty Picks to Add a Splash of Colour

There’s nothing quite like adding a little pop of colour to your daily look – it can lift up your mood when you’re feeling down, perk up your energy levels, and make you feel like you can be an do anything you want!

Sounds like a lot from a humble lipstick or manicure? If you don’t believe us, read this fascinating piece about how bright colours can lift your mood – you’ll want to banish all black days for good.

So to celebrate all things colourful, we’re picking out four of our favourite beauty colour pops that make everyday a little bit more special. Read on to check them out – and do tell us what your favourites are too!

A duo cheek & lip tint

 We’re with Tala from My Fash Diary on this one – she suggests that this pick is absolutely perfect when you’re running errands or heading out to the gym, and we’re inclined to agree.

Why we love it? It can be used on both your cheeks and lips – making it a super multi-tasking space saver to have in your handbag to whip out whenever you need an easy uplift!

A gorgeous pink pout

 A pink lipstick is a great way of adding a hint of colour to even the most monochrome of outfits – it can lift your face, make you look (and feel) younger, and is a lot more wearable than a bold, in-your-face red.

Pinks come in all sorts of varieties and hues, so to make it work, it’s best to find the right one for you! Try out this fun little quiz to help you pick the right shade.

And while you’re at it, check out Huda from Huda Beauty trying out some drugstore brands in search of the perfect pink lippie in this post – we really love the vibrant selection of pinks she’s playing with!

A pop of eye colour

Eye makeup can be a bit intimidating – especially when you try to go beyond the standard soft and smoky look.

But right now, we’re feeling really inspired by Elie Saab’s latest runway look, which featured a pop of bright azure blue, to subtly highlight the eyes.  This would look incredible with a soft, neutral face!

You can recreate the look with coloured kohl pencils, or cream eyeshadow applied with a narrow brush. It’s a brilliant way to brighten up a neutral monochrome outfit, with very little effort.

 A fab manicure

 It goes without saying that our all time favourite way of brightening the day up is with a fun new manicure, and there are some fantastic colours and styles to choose from now.

For an alternative take on classic red, try out a rosy-tinted hue instead, for a fun and vibrant shade. Or for something a little more delicate, how about updating pastels with a hint of iridescent shimmer?

Feeling dull? Splash out on colour with one of our luscious Enhance, Enrich and Extend nail treatments where you can treat yourself to gorgeous glass nails or go high fashion with contemporary nail art.

 How are you adding colour to your life right now? Tell us in the comments!

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