October 19, 2016

On Cartier, YSL and Nail stickers: Meet Gambette

Ever wondered how some of the coolest and creative nail art designs come to exist? We spoke with Gambette, the parisian, Berlin-based artist behind the trending nail sticker brand Alfa.K, who gave us a low-down.

1. You’ve designed for the likes of Cartier and Yves Saint Laurent – how did you get into nail art stickers?

It all started 3 years ago, when I realised that manicures are also a form of art and the nail is really just another canvas for self-expression. I’m an illustrator and graphic designer so I’ve always wanted to draw on my nails, but because I’m not ambidextrous, my right hand remained in my pocket. I began searching for a way to spice up a classic manicure with little effort; and I discovered that I could produce nail stickers, which enabled me to express myself freely on the smallest part of my body – my nail tips and all on my own and on both hands! Next thing you know, the machine’s launched and here we are.

2. Where do you find you inspiration for the Alfa. k stickers and how do you finalise the whole set?

From my friends who are mostly artists or sculptors or muralists. I have collaborated with some more renowned artists such as Camille Walala (London), Leslie David (Paris) or NailsbyMei (NewYork) which make my nails more of a designer fashion accessory rather than just a beauty product. alfa.k has somehow become a laboratory for me. I go in, and experiment new designs and colour combinations. The final designs are the result of a mix between my personal artistic work and actual nail art trend you see on runways.


3. Which was your favourite artist collaboration and why?

It is really hard to say as each collaboration is unique and special in its own way. The new edition called “vandalism sell out”, made with the graffiti artists Diamonds crew, Exot, Saeio and Clint176 has been super cool, also because it’s the first Alfa.K nail design made by men.

We presented this collection in the Gallery HVW8 in Berlin, in their exhibition named “beauté” Exot, Saeio and Clint176 will, among other things, design a concept nail bar.

4. What are the patches made out of and how do you apply them?

Our patches are made out of nail polish, you can remove them as a classic nail polish with your regular nail polish remover. They are really easy to apply and makes no bubbles. You can watch our tutorials here for a better overview.

5. What is your favourite part of creating the Alfa. K nails?

What I enjoy the most and have a lot of fun doing are the photoshoots of the stickers once they have been designed. I love setting up the backdrop, looking for crazy accessories and creating the right mood that expresses the look.


6. What to you makes Alfa.K stand out from other similar brands?

To me one of the most important things in designing the nail stickers is to work with the highest quality stickers and printers and this is not easy so I truly think that’s how alfa.K patches differentiates itself in the industry, aside from offer unique designs created by a practicing artist.

7. How do you decide who you want to collaborate with? Any future collaborations we should keep an eye out for?

Each collaboration has it owns story, most of the times I contact the artists directly. What I like is when I meet artists who have no previous experience in nail art or anything to do with nails really so we get some fresh and unique artistic take on it. Something to look forward to is a new collection called “Vandalism sell out” and it’s designed by vandalism graffiti artists from Berlin and Paris.

8. Is there a nail art trend you’re loving at the moment?

I’m really happy that pop and colorful shapes have made a such a comeback – it’s definitely a trend I’m looking forward to.

Currently sold at The Nail Spa in Dubai,  Colette and Le Bon Marché in Paris , Restire in Tokyo,  Woaw in Hong Kong, American two shot in New York, Corso Como in Seoul, and Tuan tuan in Taiwan.

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Click here to view the the catalogue of the alfakparis collections.


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