August 23, 2016

5 best ways to get ‘ME TIME’

With vacations at an end, most of us are getting back to the grind but that doesn’t mean it’s all work and no games! We have a list of guilt-free ways you can decompress and relax.

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1. Exercise

Even though this seems like hard work – it’s totally metimeworth it especially if you’ve been binge eating this summer or vacation weight has crept up on you. The best way to change your stress levels and mood is to schedule yourself  in for a workout class. Whether it’s aerial yoga, cross fit or barre – exercising is the best way to release endorphins that make you happy, less stressed and definitely leaner.

2. Bring back your hobby

We’re all guilty of keeping our likes and hobbies on the backburner when it comes to being responsible with life and getting on with things, but the best way to get some alone time and switch off is to get back to the one thing you loved and longed to do – whether it’s painting, reading a book, surfing or knitting – whatever it is, make sure you do it at least once a week to help relax your mind and zone out.

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3. Schedule it in

Book tickets or appointments in advance so you can’t back out, try and do this at least once a month to give yourself that well-deserved monthly treat. Whether it’s your favourite show, a new movie out, a concert or even a game. Book yourself in advance so you know that you will how no choice but to take a break and enjoy ‘me-time’. Having a spa day is also an excellent way of calming your nerves and taking a break. Make an appointment at TNS for a luxurious Body Bliss massage with a choice of The Classic or The Slenderiser. Although it doesn’t have to stop there – you could book a full day of pampering treatments you like at TNS and Marquee to really experience relaxation at its best.

4. Retail therapylentes-1

Once a month, give yourself a flexi budget and shop your heart out. Retail therapy is the perfect way to get yourself in a better mood real quick, plus it doesn’t hurt to have a new pair of shoes! Avoid all the chaos and chores at home and head straight to your favourite boutique or mall and indulge yourself a little but be mindful not to over-spend. Better yet, make a list of things you want over the year and cross it off every month. If you’re not up for dropping beaucoup bucks – then window shopping is just as soothing, in fact it’s like market research for your list – without the instant buyer’s remorse!

5. Say no

Keep socializing to the weekends only – and don’t feel guilty about taking a full day out for yourself out of the two-day break. We all get caught up in the fast paced social life of the UAE with FOMO (fear of missing out) being one of the biggest reasons. But as quickly as days turn into weeks and weeks into months – it’s so important to slow down and pace out your life – in fact it’s absolutely necessary to say no to your overzealous social life once in a while. Take the back seat every now and then to do your own thing and experience JOMO – the joy of missing out. Whether you send your kids to a playdate or a sleepover so you can laze in bed all day, order your fave takeouts, or even get in a day by the beach without having to worry or chase around your children.

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