November 22, 2016


Exercising isn’t all it takes to get gorgeous gams for those short shorts. A little TLC and 5 of our must-try tips will have your legs looking runway ready.


1. Scrub down

To rock these seasons sexy minis and velvet shirt dresses – your best accessory has to be long lean legs. To get fabulous shiny stems make sure to exfoliate dead skin. Do it at home yourself with one of the amazing scrubs at TNS retail section or opt from one of the amazing Therapeutic Treats like Go Mango Mandarin and Minty Chocolate Sole Scrub which scrub off all dead skin but also leave your skin moisturized and silky. This is especially great to do a day or so before any sort of So Smooth treatments.


2. Hydrate

Winter is here, which means party season is on! With late night outs and party dresses a plenty, make sure your legs and knees are on point all night and not ashy. It may mean you need to grab pack on a mini sized moisturizer on the go to top up for glam gams. Look out for the TNS retail section to find products that would be perfect for you.


3. Leg lovin’

We love pampering all our clients at TNS and we’re more than happy to spoil our clients when they come in once a month for a pedicure but every now and then, we recommend trying treatments that rejuvenate you go the extra mile for your legs too. We love how instant the results are from TNS’s DDG Hands or Feet Facial – it’s a 30 minute treatment that improves the texture and tone of your skin with age-defying ingredients giving you long lasting results and youthful looking limbs in just one treatment that will give you dare to bare legs. Call 600544001 or Book Online to make an appointment!


4. Kick it up

Rest up, especially after a long day. Whether you’re in your loubies or yeezys – give your legs the rest and blood circulation they need with your girlfriends. Catch-up with your besties post workout, or before a night out at TNS with indulgent treatments like Wrap & Relax or  Zone Therapy which ease tired legs and sore muscles so you’re ready to dance away in the hottest suede Aquazurra’s. Whereas treatments like Aromatherapy Indulgence  or  Hot ‘N’Cold Hydrotherapy  are perfect to stimulate circulation and blood flow.


5. Make-up

Finally, for fabulous looking legs that give red-carpet celebs a run for their money. Take advantage of UAE weather and get a fabulous tan – it helps give legs a slimmer looking appearance. If you haven’t had a chance to get some sun in, then try using a self-tanner to help contour and give the legs an even and leaner appearance. Finish with a glow balm or petroleum jelly on the shin or centre of the legs to highlight it and give it that model-like toned leg look.


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