November 14, 2016


The festive season is just around the corner and with endless parties and social gatherings – looking great is essential, but can be seriously tricky! We’ve got 5 tips to keep you looking slim this season!

1. Don’t skip a meal


Skipping meals doesn’t lead to weightloss, smaller portions do. Skipping a meal will make your body think that you’re low on food supply which will then slow down your metabolism and process of losing weight. This is why so many nutritionists and health experts recommend eating small meals every two-three hours. To keep up your metabolism pack healthy snacks in your bag when you’re on the go to make sure your body keeps on burning fat all day.

2. Work it out

The skinny on getting skinny is eating right and working out. If you can’t get yourself to the gym, there are a few other things that you can do for the next three weeks to get lean. Get at least a 30 minute walk a day – park your car far away so you can get in a walk. With how amazing the weather is we’re sure you can up the time every couple of days to challenge yourself. Another great way to get fit is to the take the stairs – whether you’re at work or live in a flat, try starting at three flights for the first few days and moving up to five flights of stairs.


3. Rev it up

To burn more calories, it’s important to speed up your metabolism. Incorporate foods like grape fruit, green tea, water, oatmeal, spinach as well as almonds and salmon which all help boost your metabolism. Eating spicy food can also help, Beyoncé is known to have tried a cayenne pepper detox to shed some serious weight but avoid fad diets as they don’t keep the weight off for good. Try adding cayenne pepper in a bowl of soup or in the next meal. The spice raises your body temperature and raises your metabolism which then causes you to burn more calories.

4. Wrap it up


Shrinking Violet Wrap  is a must-try treatment that will give you results in just 90 minutes! Drop a dress size with this body inch loss wrap. The serum oil that is massaged onto your skin before you’re wrapped removes fat from the most common problem areas with a method called lipolysis. It breaks down fat stored within the fat cells. What’s great is that process continues over 72 hours after the treatment so you can expect to see more of an inch loss after. If that’s not enough, opt for a relaxing, cleansing lymphatic drainage massage. The Slenderiser massage eliminates toxins and appearance of cellulite with three hand-blended Heaven Oils which help reduce fluid retention, eliminate toxins, improve skintone and elasticity as well firm the body.

5. Beauty Sleep

It may be hard to believe but sleeping helps with weightloss. If you deprive yourself of sleep – not only does this mean late night munchies but if you sleep less than four hours a night, your metabolism slows down too so you won’t be able to burn the food you eat but instead pack it on. Not to mention, the better you sleep the more active you can be the next day – so try and keep up the sleep to 7-8 hours a night to incorporate this healthy lifestyle.


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