August 16, 2016

Up your H20 game: 5 reasons to drink more water

UAE summer surge isn’t the only reason to up your H20 game

1. Mind over matter

Your brain is 80 percent water which makes your nervous system and brain activity highly dependent on it. Ditch the coffee and hop up on aqua for a fresher, more alert mind. Not only does it hydrate your body but it helps the mind stay focused. So if you’ve ever wondered why you’re lacking concentration – try and hydrate yourself for guaranteed transformative results in your awareness and energy levels. In fact more often than not , those constant headaches might be that you’re mind and body signaling dehydration so by drinking 8 cups you can skip the pain killers.

2. Stay beautiful

At the risk of banging on about it, we just have to insist that water does give you beautiful skin. A-listers like Cameron Diaz, Queen Bey aka Beyonce and the never aging Naomi Campbell swear by it – so you know there is some truth to it. But scientifically looking at it -skin consists of little cells that contain water so when you don’t drink enough water, it dehydrates and leads to wrinkles and damaged  and dull skin which can be avoided with the to 2 litres of water a day.

3. Fashion friendly

Drinking water can be fun if you’ve got yourself bkr bottles. You may have seen these gorgeous glass bottles stocked up at your fav TNS spot. We want to make sure that our ladies get the best they can which is why we swear by bkr bottles. bkr-Glass-Water-Bottle The light-weight bottles aren’t made of harmful materials but instead of glass and the colourways and minimalism is inspired by the hottest hues across the most fashionable runways so they catch your eye and acts as a constant reminder to get sipping – and
speaking of sipping, the bottles are designed with the perfect mouth to sip from and have a seal that won’t allow for any leaks – ideal for when you’re on the go and especially if you drop it your bottomless handbags!

4. The skinny on it

Okay you may have heard this before but drinking water is the best way to lose weight. It’s effective and proven to facilitate the process of weight loss. As a zero calories drink – it helps keep you fuller longer. In fact, it’s been said that more often than not that hunger pang you get might just be a sign that your body is thirsty or dehydrated so instead of reaching for that snack next time, try sipping on your bkr and quench the thirst. If you’re a gym and health junkie then you know that water helps you push harder at the gym and burn more fat! Water also helps with your metabolism so the more water you drink – the faster you’ll burn those calories and excess fat.


5. Reader’s digest

If you’ve ever felt bloated or had trouble digesting your food – then you’re probably not drinking enough water. Water helps food move along through your intestines and digestive tracts by lubricating it and breaking the food down so your body can absorb all nutrients and minerals you get from the food. It helps prevent constipation and helps flush out toxins from your body especially if you have it luke warm and first thing in the morning  on an empty stomach.


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