January 12, 2016

5 Beauty resolutions that are totally easy to keep!

1. Clean your cellphone!

Ever notice how countless hours of talking on the phone makes you breakout. This is because your phone screen is full of bacteria – especially if you have a touch screen. Pick up a specialist cleansing kit from the electronic store or if like us you’re a bit of a clean freak, be sure to carry a pack of antibacterial wipes in your bag! If you have a protective screen over your phone, try replacing it with a new one every 5-6 months.

2. Dare to wear a new look

The easiest way to a new you in the New Year is to change up your look. With so many SS16 backstage beauty looks to choose from, you can work in a new style every week! We’ve been especially feeling the blues. As one of the hottest trends, it was seen almost everywhere – from backstage at Missoni, to Jonathan Saunders and even Kendall Jenner rocked the colour of the season at Diane Von Furstenberg. Whether you’re lining your waterline, adding a wash of cobalt shadow or choosing your nail polish – make sure this spring/summer you add a touch of something blue. Take a cue from our SS16 inspired designs seen on the catwalks at Kenzo, Mara Hofman and Elie Saab.


 3. Get weekly me time

Promise us that this is the year you really get in some me time! We make it super easy with amazing offers every month so check out our deals this month for further details. This month’s highlight has to be the 50 percent off massage treatment. The same deal applies for the coveted ‘facials in a flash’ by Dr Dennis Gross available at the Town Centre and Aviation Club branches!

 4. Wear SPF everyday

Just because the weather is fab as ever in the region it doesn’t mean that the UVA’s and UVB’s aren’t still harming you. This year make sure that even if you’re serious about SPF that you don’t forget to apply it to your ears, décolleté, and a coat to your hands too. There’s nothing worse than these harmful rays causing serious damage to your skin and ageing you! So if there’s one thing you should really put your focus on is investing on a tube of SPF protector.

 5. Wash your makeup brushes regularly 

Be kind to your skin this year. Yes, we know it’s a total task and can be extremely annoying but washing your make-up brushes is absolutely essential! Imagine all the make-up, dust and bacteria that build up on your brush and you put it all on your pretty little face! We recommend using baby shampoo for suds, scrub and rinse off once a week– it’s so gentle that it won’t harm your skin or the brush hairs! While you’re washing your brushes – just like when you wash the dishes, we recommend using gloves. Try moisturizing with a heavy hand lotion so you’re conditioning your hands simultaneously, our Heaven Vanilla Pod is a best-seller and we highly recommend! When you’re drying up your brushes, squeeze out any excess water and then use a toilet paper square to roll the brush head into to help it dry and keep the shape.

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