June 28, 2016

4 Ways to Healthy, Natural Nails

Get tips and tricks on Ramadan-friendly nails

Cuticle care

It might seem like a good idea to give your nails a clean canvas by cutting out cuticles but we at TNS suggest cleaning access and pushing back the cuticles rather than cutting them. Cuticles act like a natural barrier to fungus and bacteria that can breed in your nail beds causing it to be sensitive, swollen at times and prone to cuts and infections. If you’ve been to any of the branches at TNS – the expert therapists will also recommend maintaining cuticles at home by pushing them back when they are soft in the shower for fabulous fingernails.


Knock-out nails

If you’re on a high protein diet then you’ll notice the benefits like stronger, longer nails, but if eating protein rich food isn’t for you then you can always opt for Biotin – a vitamin enriched supplement easily found in any pharmacy. What’s great is that including this supplement allows nails to become thicker which in turn prevents it from splitting and breaking. If you’re not opting for bare nails then the best way to get your nails healthier and stronger is by opting for Bio Sculpture Gel – it’s this long-lasting gelish formula that’s chip-free, smudge free, breathable and allows nails to get strengthen and get back to a healthier state in just four weeks!

knock out nails

Polish free

It’s the perfect time to rock your bare nails. With the trend seen across runways and celebrities – it’s just in time for on-trend fashionistas who like to stay ahead of the fash pack and groom their tips to perfection during the holy month. Get a complete mani-pedi experience sans polish and let the nails breathe with Natural Nails.  The unique conditioning mani-pedi smoothes out ridges and improves nail colour saying goodbye to any yellow tint that may have been there previously due to excessive polish use. Give your nails the high-gloss finish which will rival some of the shiniest of top coats in the market! But if you’re really stuck on having colour – then opt for one of 90 O2M Inglot Halal nail polish options available at the TNS Jumeirah Beach Road – we recommend combining it with the Spiritual Detox art collection which combines soothing and understated neutrals

polish free

Therapeutic TLC

Go that extra mile for your 10’s this month with some of TNS’ signature Therapeutic Treats. Choose from an amazing range of indulgent in-chair treatments that can be added to your mani-pedi maximizing your ‘me’ time. We recommend a relaxing and rejuvenating 30 minute So Sweet Almond Dip – a deliciously warm and sweet almond oil dip which will soften your cuticles and deeply nourish nails. Or opt the delectable and delightful Go Mango Mandarin – a must-try anti-ageing and anti-oxidant treatment which combines a dead sea salt soak, sugar scrub and highly hydrating bootie and mitten moisture mask that live your hands and feet feeling softer than ever.

therapeutic tlc

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