May 14, 2015

The 4 Most Bizarre Beauty Trends From Around the World!

A decade ago, we might have reeled in horror at the thought of using snail slime as a beauty treatment, or having vampire facials to look younger.

Scratch that – we’re still feeling pretty taken aback by those!

But what seems shocking to us now can soon become the next big trend. So we take a closer look at some of the weirdest beauty trends from around the world – could you be seeing any of these on your next salon trip any time soon?

Yaeba Teeth

The yaeba teeth phenomenon is one that has been making waves in Japan for the past couple of years. And when it comes to dental-related beauty trends, this one might seem a little out there!

Yaeba – translated as “double tooth” refers to crooked teeth. So what’s so great about crooked teeth?

While a lot of us elsewhere in the world would do anything to have a perfectly straight and shiny white smile, this trend is all about celebrating imperfection. Wonky and protruding yaeba teeth are seen as adorably cute and childlike – in fact, you can even have some pricey dental surgery to cap your teeth, permanently or temporarily.

However you feel about this strange trend, we do like to see people embracing their natural imperfections!

The Facekini

Perhaps you’ve already seen some pictures of middle aged Chinese women, relaxed in the sun with a very strange accessory: a pink bank robber mask.

It might look odd to us – but the reasoning behind it might make a bit more sense! The so-called “facekini” is an all-over face mask, leaving just enough space for your eyes and mouth – designed to prevent your face from tanning.

With fairness valued so highly in Chinese culture, it seems like there’s no limit to what people are willing to do to protect their skin!

Bird Poop Facials

Yes. You read that right.

Bird droppings have become a favourite facial ingredient for the rich and fabulous – with many of them swearing by the beauty-boosting properties of having avian poop massaged into their faces.

Not convinced? Surprisingly, this is not some nutty new fad, but has in fact long been used as a traditional beauty remedy! Originating in Korea and Japan, bird droppings were used to balance skin tone and reduce hyperpigmentation, especially if there was sun damage, scarring or acne. It was even used by Buddhist monks to polish their bald heads!

Sounds tempting?

You might need to hold your nose against the smell, though.

Nose waxing

This is just as painful as it sounds, and has been making small ripples in the States already.

But if your nose hairs are bothering you, then it might be the perfect – albeit eye-wateringly painful – solution.

It involves placing a small plastic applicator covered in wax inside your nostril – and then quickly pulling it out. Definitely ouch-worthy, but you’re guaranteed to get a smooth and perfect result!

What do you think of these strange trends, and have you come across any of your own? Share it with us!

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