February 14, 2016

3 brilliant ways to detox your skin.

Whittle down to the basics to give your skin a little TLC…

Fresh and First

Whether it’s jojoba, coconut or olive, toss them all aside and say hello to the new kid on the block – Mongongo Oil. Native to the South African region, it comes from the Mongongo Fruit from the maketti tree. The oil has quickly become a super-hero because of it’s ultra hydrating and proactive properties. It has a high amount of vitamin E, Omega 6 oils and the ability to reduce inflammation, repairing sun-damaged skin and naturally protecting it from UV rays – so not only is it great for your skin but it does wonders for your hair too. Look out for the multi-purpose in your grocery isles as well as the beauty counters for products containing the magic oil as one of the key ingredients. It’s a little tricky to get hold of in the UAE but pick it up during your travels!


Give Good Face

Purify your skin with regular facials specifically for your skin type and required results. Pick from a range of Heaven facials or the newly launched Absolute Radiance at TNS. These facials are ideal for sensitive skin and use natural and organic products to give you an undeniably gorgeous glow. Give yourself an hour of indulgent pampering with a Heaven facial that offer anti-ageing, hydrating and nourishing benefits or if you’re pressed for time – try the new Absolute Radiance which rejuvenates skin in 30 minutes. But whatever you pick, make sure you keep yourself hydrated with water. With 64 percent of our body made of water, it’s no surprise that H20 plays such a big part in keeping our body hydrated and skin more plump and luminous. Can’t get yourself to sip at least 2 litres a day? Get motivated with this celeb favourite – BKR bottles. It’s an amazing water bottle, seen everywhere at Fashion week, in hands of some of the coolest starlets. We love that it fits right into your bag and is the most stylish way to keep drinking. You can get it now at all TNS spas.


Beauty overhaul

Give your skin and makeup a product overhaul. Don’t just grab for the big name brands – research or have a look at the back for the ingredients list before you buy your skincare. Looking at the ‘nutrition’ labels allow you to figure out how your skin will react to the products and you’re less likely to have a reaction or breakout with products that have an organic blend and the right PH balance. Another thing you could do is give your skin a rest from make-up for a few days. This allows your skin to breathe and stop the chemicals from constantly soaking into your skin. Take this one step further by cleansing and nourishing your face with all natural ingredients. Use a mix of olive and coconut oil to remove any dirt of the skin – use the mongongo oil to nourish your face, you could even create a honey, oatmeal and sugar exfoliant to scrub your face and body. Try this a couple of times a month and if you’re not a DIY kind of girl then detox your skin with all natural products from brands like Absolution and Heaven by Deborah Mitchell – a wide range of the brands products are available at your closest TNS and Marquee branches.


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  1. Great! it s good news for my wife, she loves to cook and makeup. I would suggest my wife to buy banking soda, thankyou so much! this is a very interesting post, and I knew about a few uses already,but body scrub? I am little bit apprehensive, someone has done that?

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