April 16, 2015

Going for the Wax? Here’s What You Need to Know

We absolutely loved Lyla’s latest post on Lyla Loves Fashion – strong women rock!

And that boxing glove blazer? That’s just our style. There’s nothing like a bit of toughness to add an edge to a feminine look.

But what do boxing gloves and strong women have to do with waxing?

Answer – a surprising amount! Being strong doesn’t just mean having a tough exterior – it means taking the time to look after yourself first. That’s why something as simple as going for a manicure or bikini wax can feel so empowering – because it’s all about doing things that you enjoy, for yourself!

That said, if you are heading for a bikini wax, the range of choice on offer can be a little bewildering! So to make things a little easier before you head out for your next salon appointment, check out our useful little style breakdown – and choose the right one for you.

Deciphering the lingo!

If you’re new to the world of grooming, then it might feel like there’s a whole new language to learn! What’s the difference between a full and half bikini? And what is a Brazilian, really?

If you’re looking for something neat and defined – then a “full” bikini wax could be ideal for you. A “Brazilian” meanwhile is perfect if you prefer to wear thongs, while a “French” wax provides a smooth in-between alternative.

But if you’re not sure, don’t worry! These are really important questions to ask – they’ll help you decide what style you choose to go for, and what’s right for you and your current comfort level. Always feel free to ask your therpist questions before you choose.

You don’t have to stick to the same style each time either – remember, it’s all about empowering yourself with the choices that you make!

Choose the right shape

Remember that waxing isn’t a one size fits all thing. Every one of us is totally unique – we have our own set of tastes, styles and ideas – and physically, we’re each pretty different too.

So when it comes to choosing a shape, you might want to bear this in mind. Whether you’re curvy or slim, have a slim or more rounded waist, are taller or smaller – these are all things that might influence what style looks right for you.

Check out this really useful little video from UK waxing expert, Jodi Shays for more ideas on how to pick the right shape to suit your body type.

Post-waxing care

Your skin is going to be especially delicate and sensitive after any waxing treatment, so make sure that you take dedicated care over it afterwards.

One important point to note – avoid really hot water or steam for at least 24 hours afterwards. This can irritate the skin – and leave open pores susceptible to inflammation.

You should also use something to help soothe and calm the skin – and your therapist can help you choose the right product for you. If you have sensitive skin, then it’s especially important to use something to clean and nourish your skin, as this will help to keep it soft and hair free.

So are you ready to go super smooth? What are your thoughts on waxing? Let us know!

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