March 19, 2015

The 21st Century Cinderella! Why we Love Lily James

There’s a certain part in a lot of us ladies that have never quite gotten over our Disney Princess fantasies – and the upcoming Cinderella has definitely got princess-fever going again. 

We’re loving the promo pics of all those lovely, swirling gowns, Helena Bonham Carter’s amazing fairy godmother, and stunning beautiful looks. In fact, we’ll be polishing up on Huda Beauty’s tutorials to sharpen up our own princess-inspired beauty looks!

But most of all, we’re pretty excited to see Lily James in action – because she seems like a pretty smart and fabulous lady.

 So to celebrate – we’re putting the spotlight on Lily. Here are just some of the many reasons to fall in love with her:

 She’s not going to let other people police her body

You’ve probably heard all about the “waist controversy” that came out after Disney released the first tantalising shots of the upcoming film.

Who knew there would be such a storm over a waistline?

It’s not something that Lily is going to take lying down, though – and we really admire her for it. She came out telling the facts as they are – she’s naturally small – and had a super-tight corset on top to create that extraordinary cinched-in look.

So no illusions here.

Instead – Lily came out with embracing having a healthy body  – no matter what size your waist is. What a refreshing perspective!

She’s totally down to earth

Lily James might have rocketed to the centre of attention with Lady Rose, her dramatic and attention-grabbing Downton Abbey character, and now she plays the iconic fairy tale princess – but she’s not one of those people who acts totally unfazed by it all.

In fact, she seems pretty excited! We love that she can be just as giggly and amazed about bringing a childhood fantasy to life as we would be.

In fact – she actually auditioned to play the role of one of the ugly sisters – yeah, it doesn’t make much sense to us either.

And despite the burgeoning Hollywood success – she keeps her feet firmly on the ground, staying close to her family and friends in London.

She’s all about spreading a positive message

It’s easy to get your head caught up in the frills and thrills of the princess life – but Lily’s much more deep than that.

Her favourite part of Cinderella’s story says it all – leaving aside the glass slippers, amazing gowns and luxurious carriages, she notes the moment she tells her Prince Charming, “I have no carriage, I have no gown, no parents – this is just me.”

We’re thrilled to see a positive message about staying true to yourself come out on such an influential film, and hope that women of all ages will be able to embrace it!

Get inspired by her look and treat yourself to your very own princess transformation. Why not indulge in a luxurious pamper, or a pretty and delicate manicure to bring your own fairy tale dreams to life?

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